H2OPE Pumping System "ONE OF A KIND"

No other water filtration or solar generator has what the H2OPE System has and it's what sets it apart above all the rest. The ability of the H2OPE System to pump and pressurize your home, cabin, or bug out location is one of the key features with the system. The ability to provide pressurized water to your off grid location is critical. The one luxury and necessity overlooked by most in the market today, the H2OPE System is the only one who hasn't.

Portable Pumping Pressure

With the duel pumps the H2OPE System allows you to pump up to 6gpm from one location to another. Use the pumps to provide off grid pressurized water for watering plants, spraying down equipment or washing cars. Anything you've used the garden hose for you can now use with the H2ope system. It's like taking your backyard garden hose to any location.

With the H2OPE duel pumps you're able to pump two types of water at the same time. Run hot water through one pump and cold through the other to provide portable showers, clothes washing, washing dishes, and anything you would expect from your home today. No other system does this!

Here the H2OPE System is being used to pressurize an entire 2 story house. Hot water is pumped in through the direct pump from a solar hot water heater while cold water, from a water tank, is being pumped through the filter pump. The system is able to pressurize the entire house with no water from the utilities and no city power.

The 30W solar panel on the lid of the system is usually all that is needed to keep the pumps working and the system running.

Purifying water for drinking can also be done while the unit is also pressurizing a homes water system. All waters can be produced at the same time. So while the machine is pressurizing water to do a load of laundry you are able to produce RO or Alkaline drinking water at the same time. You could literally water your garden, wash your vehicle, make RO and Alkaline drinking waters all at the same time with the System. No other machine even comes close to it's capabilities.


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