H2OPE System vs.
Gas Generator
•Quiet Power Generation
•Indoor & Outdoor Use
•Only Use Power Needed
•Renewable Power Source
•No Moving Parts, Cool
•Low Maintenance
•Loud restricted use
•Outdoor use only or death
•Wastes extra power
•Dependant on Fuel
•Mechanical, Friction, Heat
•High Maintenance

Solar Generator Features

•Temperature and overload shutdown
•Low voltage alarm and shutdown
•Solar Battery level indicator
•30 Watt removeable solar panel
•750/1500 Watt AC inverter/Upgradeable
•2- 120V AC outlets
•USB port
•2- 12V DC sockets
•Solar charge controller/status display
•Up to 3 batteries interior compartment

The H2OPE System provides easy hookups for additional solar panels. By adding more panels to your system you're able to provide charging capacities custom to your needs. Most solar charges don't allow additional panels and customization limiting the power and recharging capabilities. In an off grid survival situation this is unacceptable! A 12v DC direct connection is also provided in the back of the unit for direct hookup to a 12vDC direct electrical wire. This is used to hook up pumps, fans, additional plug-in adaptors, and anything prewired for 12v DC. In cabins or off grid bunkers use this connection to hook in all you 12v DC lighting.

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